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Zero-cost unique_ptr deleters

A C++ smart unique_ptr uses exactly the same amount of memory as a regular pointer, and has zero runtime cost. That is what we love about C++. But what if I need a custom deleter for my pointer? Can I get it at zero cost too?▸ read more

Error Handling part 2: Abstractions

We cover the basics of correct error handling, so it is no longer an afterthought. In previous post, we left some crucial questions unanswered, such as “What exactly makes an error recoverable?”. In this post, we dive into levels of abstraction and what they mean for error handling.▸ read more

Laying the Groundwork

Initial design is done. It is now time to start laying the basis of the project. At this point, there are a few technical choices we can no longer defer.▸ read more

Starting a Python Project

We hack together a couple of modules, do quick manual testing. Eventually, the code remains a hackish mess rotting away which may be fine but a little unsatisfactory.▸ read more
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