Expert at identifying problems in varied environments and architecting robust solutions:

Pas­sion­ate, high­ly au­tonomous de­vel­op­er with a love for ex­plo­ration, at­ten­tion to de­tail and a taste for shar­ing knowl­edge. Fer­vent about craft­ing soft­ware tools that em­pow­er hu­mans, in­sis­tent they should be open, sol­id and de­pend­able.

Con­firmed IT in­­fras­truc­­ture ar­chi­­tect with 8 years of ex­pe­ri­ence de­sign­ing, plan­n­ing, mi­­grat­ing and eval­u­at­ing large-scale en­vi­ron­­ments, with a fo­cus on cross-cut­ting con­cerns, em­pha­­siz­ing a sys­temic ap­proach cen­tered on us­er needs.

Currently looking to combine his skills at analyzing and structuring complex systems to build professional, user-focused software solutions.

Key skills

Core languages
C11, C++17, Python 3, JavaScript ES6.
Broad understanding of several domains.
  • sys­tem pro­gram­ming, net­work­ing, web ap­pli­ca­tions, em­bed­ded soft­ware.
  • Stakeholders analysis.
  • Quality attributes discovery.
  • Common design patterns.
  • Fast self-learner.
  • Systemic approach to problem solving.
  • Taste for well-polished solutions.
Consulting toolbox
  • Listening and analytical thinking.
  • Coaching and teaching.
  • Presentation.
  • Excellent writing skills.

➥ Deep knowledge of IS architecture and operations also provides an edge in software design. See résumé.


Reverse-engineering – driver development

Provide Linux support for Logitech RGB keyboards, including animations that respond to user keypresses and desktop actions.

  • Reverse-engineered the proprietary protocol using an isolated environment to capture USB frames.
  • Implemented hardware support library with Python bindings.
  • Designed a dynamic plugin architecture and embedded LUA interpreter to enable users to create their own visual effects.
  • Optimized critical code paths using SIMD intrisics, achieving 12× increase in performance.
  • Integrated with Linux desktop ecosystem to improve user experience (eg: detecting device insertion).

  • WireShark
  • CMake
  • Cython
  • C++17
  • LuaJIT
  • HID protocol

Architecture refactoring

Botcrypto was about to release a SaaS trading automation solution for retail traders. But initial tests showed performance issues, severe enough to prevent launch.

  • Tracked bottlenecks and identified software architecture problems.
  • Redesigned the architecture as a collection of microservices.
  • Replaced house-built tools with industry standards where appropriate.
  • Followed development as an architecture advisor, participating in design decisions and reviews.
  • Achieved a 1000× increase in overall system throughput.

  • Python 3
  • asyncio
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL
  • redis
  • websockets

Infrastructure automation


An independent worker using hosted services (3-tier apps, VPN, data storage) for his daily activities wanted to ensure the availability of his work tools and the safety of his data, within tight budget constraints.

  • Identified services, formalized architecture and configurations.
  • Leveraged IT automation to allow quick rebuild in case of failure, lifting the need for spares.
  • Classified data, set up encryption and backup policies and developed ad-hoc scripts.
  • When failure happened in 2016, all services were business-ready within 1 hour of triggering automated recovery and no data was lost.

  • Python 2
  • Ansible
  • PostgreSQL

Code refactoring and maintenance

Third-party add-on for Django with large user base and stale development required cleanup and updates, revolving around two main issues:

  • Rampant compatibility issues spread throughout the code base as new Django releases came out.
    • Circumscribed dependent code, abstracted out its functionality and encapsulated it into generic objects.
    • Reduced average modules affected by subsequent releases 3-fold.
  • Inconsistencies in API compounded with large user base making evolutions difficult.
    • Designed a cleaner API while retaining backwards compatibility.
    • Then phased out old API with self-documenting warnings.
    • Shift to new API caused no measurable increase in new tickets.

  • Python 3
  • Django
  • Django-REST-framework
  • Travis-CI

IT Architecture consulting

Infrastructure expert focusing on cross-cutting concerns, rationalization and virtualization. Conducted a total of 19 missions between 2005 and 2011.

Typical work revolved around transformations resulting from the introduction of x86 virtualization technologies in datacenters, including both technical and organizational implications.

Specific content varied a lot and included:

  • Technology intelligence, opportunity analysis, ROI estimation, IS architecture design, migration planning, audits, problem solving, development of ad-hoc tools.

  • ITIL (Foundation-certified)
  • Service-Oriented Infrastructure


  • Master's Degree in Engineering at ESIEE Paris, specializing in computer science — 2005.

    • Represented my school at the Asciel (formerly Gixel) annual conference, in which I presented a report on developing trends in the electronics field for homeland security.
    • Designed an FPGA-based general-purpose I/O controller for Motorola 68k embedded systems.
    • Built a minimalist operating system for 68010, featuring pre-emptive multi-processing and IPC.
  • M.Phil in Fundamental Algorithmics and its uses at UPEM University.


  • Crypto-currencies: founded a non-profit organization to popularize blockchain technologies and promote the use and development of blockchain-based commodities as a medium of exchange.
  • Hacking community: regular involvement in HackSXB club of technology enthusiasts. Currently building a Discord bot framework in Python that serves a 10k-user community.
  • This website,, built in react.js to share my work and findings about software development.
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