Introducing Cryptomate

For a couple of weeks now, I have been following a friend's project, acting as an advisor on technical and architectural matters. He is building an automated crypto-currency trading tool, which he provides as an online service.

As they are novice developers, I have to demonstrate a fair amount of concepts, ranging from technical architecture to high-level design.

A trading bot is an amazing teaching tool. It is not overly complex, yet talks to many third parties. It requires a rich, flexible toolset to empower its user and enable them to build complex strategies. This needs powerful abstractions. In short, it is the perfect project to start my website with.

→ I am thus happy to introduce Cryptomate.

  • Cryptomate will be an automated crypto trading tool.
  • It will follow markets and manage orders according to a customizable strategy.
  • It will be flexible enough to be a robust foundation to build a professional online service onto.

We will build it together on this blog, focusing on how to think about a domain problem and create a great solution:

  • We will identify stakeholders and understand their expectations.
  • We will determine significant constraints and quality attributes.
  • We will model the problem, finding and creating concepts.
  • We will devise an architecture, breaking down the problem into modules.
  • We will implement the software, using solid principles.
  • We will evaluate our work throughout the process.

Can you write code, but lack the kind of reasoning and experience needed to take on more complex projects?
Are you an experienced software architect revisiting his basics?
Tag along for a fun project in the crypto ecosystem!

Ready? Let's get started then.